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The idea for Angela’s Garden took root in Spring, 2005.

While shopping for a pair of gardening gloves, we realized there was nothing that fit well, was comfortable and looked pretty. So we decided to create a line of gardening gloves and accessories that were highly- functional and almost as beautiful as the gardens themselves.

With years of passion and experience in dress glove construction, our factory has been able to create a high-quality and well-fit garden glove. We use the same dress glove construction techniques used in gloves sold at the finest stores in the US and the UK.

We use only the highest quality, lanolin-infused kidskin for our gloves. All prints are SPF protected with an SPF of 37 All of our items are washable.

We hope that you enjoy the beautiful and whimsical colors and prints developed for our line.

1 • a, Pennsylvania 55555
Phone: (215) 629-0123
Fax: (215) 754-4265


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