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April Cornell Holdings

Like the artful influences experienced by the woman herself, April Cornell’s designs have an artistic sense that April believes is unique to the marketplace. “It’s unusual for a retailer, manufacturer or licensed designer to be art-driven like myself. For me, I think that’s largely due to my background in — and love of — textiles. As with an artist’s canvas or a bolt of cloth, I start my designs with the big picture and work my way down to the details.

A Passion for Giving

April has many philanthropic passions including caring for the people in the company’s core production region in India. She actively supports the Concern India Foundation and is a trustee of the Giving World Foundation, which helps the under-privileged in India. The foundations fund many programs including schools and programs to empower women and help impoverished children living in ghettos and on the streets. “Each of the projects I’m involved with is unique and interesting. It gives me such satisfaction to know that, together, we’re making a difference.”

That ability to “give something back” is one of the driving forces behind April’s work. “I find it so rewarding. The different people I’ve met around the world have influenced my whole perspective on how important giving back truly is. It’s a privilege to be involved in local, national or international projects and see the change that can occur in children, women, men and communities.”

Born in Montreal, Canada, to parents from Nova Scotia, April is one of four children. She studied Fine Arts at Dawson College and is the proud mother of three sons: Cameron, Lee and Kelly. April resides in Burlington, Vermont, near the shores of picturesque Lake Champlain.

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