Isobella & Chloe - Best of Chums Int'l Inc.

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Isobella & Chloe - Best of Chums Int'l Inc.

Best of Chums Int’l Inc. manufactures two distinctly different, but leading brands in their categories: Best of Chums and Isobella & Chloe.

Best of Chums is a favorite gift collection, known for its impulse-buy innovative packaging, baby gift sets and creative designs. It offers an array of whimsical designs in one-piece assortments, knitwear, booties, tees and more. Its Vanity Hair division also offers a growing variety of unique hair accessories.

Isobella & Chloe is an award-winning brand of beautiful special occasion, dressy dresses, casual knit styles. and swimwear. As the line has evolved to include more casual wear, our designs continue to incorporate those small details and stylish cuts that make feminine wear so fun.

1068 Westminster Ave • Alhambra, California 91803
Contact: Emily Fong
Phone: (626) 457-8823
Fax: (323) 443-3527