Toni Tierney

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Toni Tierney

Toni Tierney is almost a cliché; a small town American girl with a big dream! That small town was San Anselmo, California and the big dream was to become a fashion designer.

Toni’s dream came true. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, she has been in the business of designing children’s clothing for 17 years.

Several elements differentiate Toni’s designs from the other lines of children’s clothing on the market. First and foremost, each piece is detail driven. Her products are not highly manufactured, but she designs in the moment creating wonderful trends from interesting types of fabrics, lace and trim. Another quality that differentiates Toni’s designs is, in support of American cotton mills, all of her pieces are made from 100% cotton knit with comfort, durability and affordability being of utmost importance.

Toni is motivated by the sincere desire to help her community through creating a beautiful product, born from love so children can be wearing homemade clothes which has sadly become a lost art in America.

Another passion of Toni’s is to help mothers be at home with their families. She feels strongly about this and as much as possible, hires mothers who can work from their homes to be with their children while making the pieces of clothing she designs. Her mission is to help parents be at home creating so a new generation of children can see their moms and dads working with their hands. Her ultimate goal is to help spread this philosophy across the country so people all over the United States can get back to their roots, slow down and bring back those traditional ways of earning a living.

Being a self-employed designer, Toni does not have a lot of free time, but when she finds herself between projects she loves to paint. At the time of this writing, she is working on a new line of art work for children’s rooms.

903 Irwin Street, Suite F • San Rafael, California 94901
Phone: (415) 256-1272