Avalon Products, Inc.

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Avalon Products, Inc.

For 15 years, Avalon has been a name associated with function, quality, and value. With a bare bones advertising and marketing budget, the company can keep its prices in line with founder Ann Hu’s original vision: fun, value-driven products with an emphasis on clean lines, efficient design, and safety.

Now, about that safety record: Avalon has one of the world’s finest reputations for safety. Avalon’s own stringent safety standards exceed those of the U.S. government. Avalon maintains an independent office for safety and quality control, where products are vigorously and repeatedly tested. As a result, there has never been a single product recall in Avalon’s 15-year history. That’s something else to be proud about.

Avalon Products offers a full line of baby products including strollers, play yards, bedding, high chairs, and cribs.

20710 S. Leapwood Ave • Suite G • Carson, California 90746
Contact: David Sun
Phone: (310) 323-0280
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