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balanced skin care for babies

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Baby Moon Botanicals

Baby Moon Botanicals, the first choice in baby care for the enlightened parent, is a remarkable, nurturing line of earth-based skin care created exclusively for babies. Our products balance the skin’s ecology to support its performance, protecting baby skin from damage, and healing without harmful ingredients.

Our skin is a living, functioning part of our immune system. Healthy skin allows us to constantly adapt to our environment. It regulates our body temperature, it attacks unhealthy invaders (viral, bacterial, chemical), and it immediately responds to damaging UV exposure by creating its own mild form of SPF.

Our skin is highly permeable. This makes selecting baby care products extremely important. We want products that will nourish and protect our baby’s skin, not cause inflammation, irritation, and loss of performance. Baby Moon Botanicals is a carefully formulated solution to caring for our baby’s skin health. Free of irritating chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. Made with performance ingredients that are life-giving, and nurturing.

Clinically-tested. Pediatric Dermatologist tested. Cruelty-free. Baby Moon Botanicals—combining the wisdom of Nature, and the precision of science. Now available for mothers and babies everywhere. Because your baby’s skin is more than just packaging.

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