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In early 2006 we were amazed at what we found when we began a little research about cloth diapers. These were not just cloth diapers anymore! They were a huge money saver, very easy to use and care for, fun, stylish, highly economical and most importantly - healthy for our children!

Through trial and error and lots of baby testing the first rump•a•rooz® was born! Incorporating some very important and unique features that were not found in ANY cloth diaper on the market yet, we were very pleased that the rump•a•rooz® was truly a step above the rest. They were very popular amongst other cloth diapering friends, so much so that we decided to open a store online so that friends and friends of friends would have a more organized place to order. We could have never imagined what was about to happen…they were a hit! News spread like wildfire!

The rump•a•rooz® is now in its 5th revision stage and we truly believe that it is just about perfect! Granted, every cloth diaper is not for everyone, which is why rump•a•rooz® has expanded their inventory to incorporate new styles such as AIO, AIO Pocket, Fitted, Covers, One Size, Snap Closure and a very exciting new size exclusively for those teeny tiny newborns - the lil Joey!

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