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In the hot Arizona sun, interior car temperatures can reach in excess of 185 degrees. Concerned about the risks of placing her child in a hot car seat, a devoted mother developed the concept of the BabyBeeCool® Car Seat Cooler Pad. What began as a labor of love to provide a safe and comfortable traveling environment soon became a successful company. Today, this same “mother of invention” is president and founder of BabyBeeCool specializing in The Car Seat Cooler Pad, the BabyBeeCool Stuffed Bee and Friends, car window shades, books, blankets, towels, bibs and hats.

13236 North 7th Street • Suite 4, Box 114 • Phoenix, Arizona 85022
Contact: Deb Lowe
Phone: (866) 612-2665
Local: (602) 626-5477
Fax: (480) 419-6377