Protect your sweet BabyLegs.

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BabyLegs®, the original line of leg & arm warmers, are a fun and innovative product created by mom Nicole Donnelly. Donnelly created the product to keep her daughter warm while she was allowing a diaper rash to clear up. BabyLegs® not only allowed her diaper rash to heal but also protected her from the elements, made diaper changing and potty training easier, protected her soft knees while crawling, provided an extra layer for warmth and kept her feet free for dancing, walking or crawling.

BabyLegs® warmers have quickly become a parenting essential, and have given BabyLegs® the opportunity to expand into new endeavors. BabyLegs® is excited to now have socks and tights in its product offerings.

BabyLegs products provide protection, warmth, & style for little legs & feet.

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