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More and more parents today choose to use cotton nappies as the best way to care for their baby. Call them reusable nappies, washable nappies, real nappies or cotton nappies; by any name these are the modern, environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.

The Bambino Mio brand is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. With our continuous product development we are committed to providing you with the best cotton nappies and associated products available.

Bambino Mio offers a complete nappy system suitable for babies from newborn to potty training. Our nappies are 100% cotton which means they are naturally soft, breathable and absorbent, maintaining a healthy temperature.

12 Staveley Way • Brixworth, Northampton NN6 9EU • United Kingdom
Phone: 44 16 04 88 37 77
Fax: 44 16 04 88 36 66