Biscotti, Inc.

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Biscotti, Inc.

Biscotti has perfectly captured the enchantment of childhood with romantic and charming dress collections since 1986.

After many years of being known primarily for beautiful special occasion dresses, our other divisions, Kate Mack, Baby Biscotti and Bobby Mack have grown to be just as popular!

As a testament to the innovative designs and superior quality that Biscotti Inc. provides, the company has repeatedly won industry awards for Best Dresses, Best Girls’ Swimwear and Best Girls’ Outerwear.

Bernadette Reiss, head designer and owner, is dedicated to creating unique dresses, swimwear, sportswear and outerwear that combine timeless elegance with a modern flair, destined to please both the youngest customer and the fashion conscious young teen.

5601 San Leandro St. • 3rd Floor • Oakland, California 94621-4432
Contact: Maria Vizard
Phone: (212) 947-4040
Fax: (212) 947-4344