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There are few things that can comfort and soothe a baby like their pacifier. Bobo Buddy is a plush toy that attaches to most pacifiers on the market, acting as a soothing device. In addition, the Bobo Buddy helps babies hold onto and retrieve their own pacifier. Bobo Buddy is completely detachable, allowing Mothers to wash it and the pacifier separately. If the pacifier’s nipple should tear or become worn out, just attach any one of our Buddies to a separate pacifier!

Bobo Buddy is also a company that gives back. While the Bobo Buddy is a great soother for babies, everyday in this country children are going to bed with empty bellies. For that reason, we at Bobo Buddy are dedicated to fighting childhood hunger here in America. A portion of the profits from every Bobo Buddy sold is donated to help end childhood hunger.

P.O. Box 8365 • Erie, Pennsylvania 16505
Contact: Raquel
Phone: (814) 636-9633


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