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Pajama and books sets designed from your favorite bedtime books.

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Books to Bed

In business since 1994, our mission is to provide the best…

Book To Bed encourages children to read before bed with popular stories and comfortable 100% cotton pajamas with illustrations to match the stories.

Reading to your child is one of the most important things a parent can do. It helps your children have a sense of security and closeness when they spend time with you. We believe that matching sleepwear and books helps to encourage in children a love of books. We also know that reading supports language development and enhances their own reading ability.

Furthermore, reading before bed has proven to help a child fall asleep with greater ease. In fact, it is viewed as so important that the Academy of Pediatrics recommends it.

Books To Bed produces all of its sleepwear in accordance with the US law as directed by the US Consumer Protection Agency. All are 100% cotton and all pajamas are produced in the USA. The nightgowns, which are flame retardant cotton, are imported.

Books To Bed has been producing and selling children’s sleepwear since 2005, while its sister company, Basically Kids, has been producing private label sleepwear since its beginning in 1994.

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