Buchmanns Toymaker Shop Inc

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Buchmanns Toymaker Shop Inc

Inspired by the wooden toys that have lasted to be enjoyed by four generations in their family, the Buchmanns embarked on an endeavor in 1976 to pass on the joys of their childhood. All the toys and furniture are copywritten, handcrafted, hand painted, signed and dated by the Buchmanns. All finishes are child safe.

The line of doll furniture, children’s furniture and wooden toys, with their Bavarian folk-art motif, has been sold to FAO Schwarz, Saks Fifth Avenue, Franklin Mint, Neiman Marcus, and over 100 specialty shops throughout the country and world.

The Buchmanns’ handiwork also has been purchased by several celebrities. As mentioned in the Syracuse Post Standard, rock star Bruce Springsteen ordered doll-sized bunk beds and an armoire, talk show host Geraldo Rivera selected several doll house pieces for his children, and rock musician Jon Bon Jovi also bought numerous pieces for his daughter.

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