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The best baby slings, bibs, coveralls and blanket bags on the market

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Chic Tots

chic: (shēk) adj. cleverly stylish
tot: (tôt) n. toddler
mama: (maּma) n. mother, woman, diva

Chic mamas have Chic Tots. For parenting essentials, function has always trumped style, but modern moms seek products that fit their needs and fashion sense.

Our cleverly stylish yet fashionably practical products were inspired by our own need to simplify the lives of busy mothers.

At Chic Tots, we make products that are real solutions – functional, comfortable and versatile without sacrificing the “chic-factor”.

Life is hectic. Time is precious. Work smarter to enjoy it.

Chic Tots has got you covered…..stylish, functional, mom inspired.

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Contact: Jennifer Chow
Phone: (240) 515-8675
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