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Inspired by the belief that making small changes in your daily habits can make a significant impact, Citizenpip® offers muck-free reusable lunch gear that makes it easy to pack a waste-free lunch.

Created by a mom of three who found herself packing and tossing out a few too many plastic baggies one day, Citizenpip® offers an easy alternative to the disposable lunch. By making it easy to pack a waste-free lunch, our goal at Citizenpip® is to encourage more families to ditch the disposables and go reusable.

And at Citizenpip®, waste-free goes hand in hand with muck-free - no lead, BPA, or phthalates. Who wants to worry about chemicals leaching into their food? Designed in California and responsibly manufactured in Asia, Citizenpip® products are tested by a CPSIA certified lab to be completely muck-free.

With a complete line of reusable, muck-free lunch gear and kits, Citizenpip® makes it fun for kids and easy for parents to ditch the disposables and go reusable. We hope Citizenpip® inspires families everywhere to make a small change and a huge impact.

P.O. Box 2096 • Burlingame, California 94011
Contact: Christina Ip-Toma
Phone: (650) 204-0747
Fax: (877) 292-1430