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Quality reproductions of antique furniture

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Classic Furniture Collection

Classic Furniture Collection started in January of 1996 as a small manufacturer for local merchants and designers. Today, Classic Furniture Collection is manufacturing for stores all across the United States. Our mission is to bring you quality, unique products at the lowest price possible. Classic Furniture Collection is proud to offer their unique line of beautiful, high quality, antique reproductions.

Our line consists of quality hand-made antique reproductions, which are then painted and distressed. Embellished with rose details and crystal knobs, they truly are works of art. These fine pieces of furniture bring a warm and inviting feel to any home.

Each and every piece, from the smallest jewelry box to the 2-piece armoire, has been designed by the owner and is constructed from real wood! Our furniture pieces aren’t just “pretty to look at”, but are solid, sturdy, functional pieces that will remain beautiful and serve you and your family well for a very long time. There are several stores throughout the United States that carry our line and, if you’re interested, we would be happy to provide you with the location nearest you.

12420 Montague Street • Unit A • Pacoima, California 91331
Contact: Rubina Sipan
Phone: (818) 896-4221
Fax: (818) 896-4521