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Dizzi Ribbons are made to Run & Play…They stay ALL Day!!!

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Dizzi Ribbons, LLC

Get Dizzi with your Ribbons! Dizzi Ribbons are unique, beautiful and most of all versatile. The product is comprised of interchangeable ribbons and accessories that can be stacked and rearranged to fit every outfit, mood or the height of your imagination. The possibilities are endless!!

Dizzi Ribbons is a locally owned and operated company in Mission, KS. All products sold by Dizzi Ribbons are 100% manufactured by hand in the USA. Dizzi Ribbons has plans for expansion which include our new studio in Mission, KS and helping other women, mothers and retirees, make a little extra money while having a night out with the girls.

Product inventor and owner Amy Lillich is a brilliantly creative stay at home mom who enjoys every aspect of crafting including sewing, paper crafts, scrap booking (both paper and digital), knitting and crochet and painting. Her children are blessed to have a well versed mother who not only loves to be involved in their activities but also loves to involve and teach them about her favorite activities as well.

Business partner and friend, Kelly Carlson is a talented entrepreneur who has spent many years in the business world with both established companies as well as companies just getting off the ground. She has recently become a stay at home mom and is enjoying every second of her wonderful children. Her experience, dedication, and loyalty are an invaluable part of Dizzi Ribbons.

With dynamic backgrounds and the desire to be in business while raising their families, both Amy and Kelly are excited to officially launch Dizzi Ribbons and cannot wait to share their product with the world. They are thankful everyday for this opportunity that has arisen from creativity, hard work and dedication to having a work and family balance that includes “jobs” that they love.

The Dizzi Ribbon products are made to Run and Play they Stay all day!! Our products include Dizzi Ribbon Stacks (an entire interchangeable bow which includes multiple layers and two Dizzi Ribbon Dots), individual Dizzi Ribbon Layers are also sold to enable you to change the look of your Stack easily, Dizzi Ribbons Lids (includes handmade hats and headbands), Dizzi Ribbon Accessories which include hair clips, rubber bands and necklaces, and Dizzi Ribbons Flips (unique Dizzi Ribbon system which allow you to wear your Stacks on the flip flops of your choice).

Dizzi Ribbons is LIVE online at www.dizziribbons.com.

6900 Foxridge Drive • Mission, Kansas 66202
Contact: Kelly Carlson
Phone: (913) 963-8403


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