Dream Baby harp music by Merry Miller

Harp music makes babies happy

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Dream Baby harp music by Merry Miller

The Dream Baby CD and babymusictogo.com was born because many of my friends have had babies in the last year and nothing calms or entertains them more than the harp. So what started out as a favor to help quiet down one baby who’s name shall remain anonymous resulted in me recording one baby song on the harp that got forwarded to MANY mommies, and who persuaded me to record an entire album and build a website dedicated to bringing the best baby and children’s music to kids and parents. I cannot thank them enough because it has been the most wonderful experience I have ever had as an artist and businesswoman so THANK YOU for the joy and fun!

1991 Broadway • Suite 18A • New York, New York 10023
Contact: Sue Grandi and Merry Miller
Phone: (917) 488-5405
Fax: (972) 686-6468


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