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Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE—is collaborating with Fiberlinks Textiles on a new suite of organic cotton and all-natural crib bedding and accessories. Proceeds from the products, branded Janey Baby by Jane Goodall™, will support the Institute.

Fiberlinks Textiles, Inc. has spent the last four years positioning itself as a qualified organic cotton supplier to the juvenile industry. All components of processing, from seed to finished product, follow a clearly defined set of standards established by Organic Exchange, a nonprofit defining authenticity in organic cotton. All Janey Baby by Jane Goodall™ products from Fiberlinks Textiles are certified OE100 organic by Control Union Certificates, a third-party auditing organization. The standard, audit and certification assure both retailers and consumers of the extra measures taken to verify authenticity with Janey Baby by Jane Goodall™ products.

Janey Baby by Jane Goodall™ includes a crib mattress pad, sheets, receiving blankets, bibs and contoured changing-table covers. The products feature whimsical drawings of endangered species discussed in Dr. Goodall’s book Hope for Animals and Their World. The drawings were created by award-winning illustrator Patrick McDonnell as a donation to the Institute.

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