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Galante Baby

Galante Babys’ product line currently consists of handmade high quality clothing for new born to 6 months as well as some of The Galante Studios traditional items, such as, crib puffs and blankets. Our clothing is all handmade of the finest 100% Pima Cotton. Galante Baby products make the ideal gift which will standout from all the other gifts.

In existence since 1930, we are a company of tradition. Our products are known to be passed on from generation to generation. We have countless encounters with past clients whom communicate stories of tradition. For example, just last week in speaking with a client, to verify their shipping address, “we asked the question of how did you hear of us?”. The response, typical of much of our communication with clients, was “I have an extended family and everyone throughout the years has received one of your crib puffs or blankets as a gift. I have a new born relative whom I want to carry on the tradition with by giving one of your crib puffs. I am so glad we found you again”. Galante Baby products make the perfect long lasting impression.

2649 South Park Lane • Pembroke Park, Florida 33009
Contact: Cody Shavel
Phone: (305) 600-3818