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Kemby is dedicated to creating smart, innovative products that enhance happy family living. Kemby brings to market product that is innovative, helping to make things simpler and more fun, so we can focus on what’s important: children and happiness. In addition to superior functionality and quality, Kemby also infuses fashionable and trend relevant elements into their products.

Kemby’s iconic product is the Sidekick baby bag and child carrier. The Sidekick was awarded the prestigious Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) “Innovation” award for this leading edge product.

It is the world’s only dual-function baby bag and child carrier. The Sidekick is unique to all other diaper bags because it easily converts into a baby carrier without losing any functionality as a diaper bag. Designed in fun prints and vibrant colors, the Sidekick brings to market the first functional and fashionable baby bag and child carrier.

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Phone: (877) 445-3629
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