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Go anywhere because everywhere is an adventure.

Onya Baby soft-structured carriers are comfortable, multifunctional, well-designed baby wearing solutions that can be worn on your front or back. Each carrier incorporates an integrated chair harness, which allows you to quickly, easily and safely transform almost any adult chair into a seat for your baby.

Great for your on-the-go family lifestyle…you’ll find it useful for travel, restaurants and cafes, visiting friends and family, you name it. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, heading downtown, or stopping by a coffee shop for a break, you’ll be confident knowing that your baby will be comfortable and secure in a safe spot wherever your day may take you.

So get your baby Onya and go!

About Onya Baby
Onya Baby is a family-owned company made up of mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles; people who care. We believe that babies and children who are given lots of physical closeness, unconditional love and inclusion in all of life’s experiences when they are young grow up to become happy adults, a benefit to everyone around them. Loving parents, happy babies, and a better world for the future. That’s good stuff.

Onya Baby was born out of a mother’s desire to simplify her life by combining two useful products in a new and creative way. She wanted to reduce the number of baby items she had to lug around with her everywhere she went. Already a dedicated babywearer, Diana wanted to carry her daughter on her comfortably, as well as feel secure knowing she’d never be without a seat for her little one when she was out and about.

Our products are designed to help families with young children retain their active, social lifestyles. The baby carriers that we produce are designed to support the very important bond between parent and child. We want to help make your days easier by providing functional, safe and comfortable products for your life with your baby, your child. We understand that life can get really busy, and we’d like to help you keep your children with you while you carry on.

We want to help you show your baby all that life has to offer.

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