KidzSmocks Inc.

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KidzSmocks Inc.

Kidzsmocks Inc. is a new and exciting product founded by a company with 46 successful years of manufacturing childrens garments.

Kidzsmocks are durable and are made from 100% waterproof polyvinyl and fasten in the back with a Velcro strip for easy on and off. They are one size fits all for children ages 1 - 5. Kidzsmocks are easy to care for with a damp sponge or cloth.

Kidzsmocks are a fun and unique way for your child to express their creativity. They can wear Kidzsmocks to create their new masterpiece or just for dress up fun. Kidzsmocks give children the opportunity to have fun, be creative, use their imaginations, and do what kids do best- MAKE A MESS with style.

P.O. Box 283 • Sharon, Massachusetts 02067
Contact: Susan Goldberg
Phone: (781) 806-5400
Fax: (781) 806-5444