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The trendsetting, no-one-else-has-‘em, absolutely yummy hand-knit hats and scarves that set your child apart. In search of extraordinary styles for our own children, we created the whimsical and inspired knit accessories we wanted—kid wear that’s both funky and precious. Must-have pieces that make a child look sophisticated yet outrageously adorable. That’s la Folie™. Everything we make is all about expressing personality…each child’s unique personality. Their unconventional way of self-expression deserves an uncommon take on the common hat or scarf. For us, it’s expressed in remarkable color combinations, different textures and unpredictable design. Colorful, wonderful, personality-full, each la Folie™ hat and scarf is hand-knit according to this la Folie™ philosophy and designed to keep your little ones stylishly warm and chic-ly ahead of the pint-size fashion pack.

What started as a fun endeavor to keep the kids of friends fashionably warm has grown into a company whose inventive designs have found their way into exclusive boutiques across the country. Through it all, Heather and Gayle have combined their love of fashion and accessories with their life-long practice of demanding the best, and have poured that dedication into the heart and soul of la Folie. Select yarns and a commitment to quality design and production have become the signature of la Folie’s fun, unexpected styles, each of which is road-tested by the sisters’ own children and hand-crafted according to the la Folie philosophy: Express your unique personality with fun, stylish knits!

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