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Noodles Kids

Seasoned designer Adrienne Myles has finally launched her own line of knitted products made in Peru. Noodles Kids focuses on styles that makes kids and mom alike “smile”. A stickler for quality will only insure the best value for your money.

Starting a new line does seem like a daunting task (especially with the economy currently) but with all Adrienne’s years of experience under her belt she hopes she has a little bit of a heads up on the competition! ” We can only go up from here” Adrienne commented.

Adrienne has designed for Companies like the William Carter Company, Kids II, and was the sole designer for the Catherine Rebecca label for 20 years. Over the years, Adrienne has designed things from boxes to apparel, textiles, wrapping paper and graphics.

Adrienne currently lives in metro Atlanta with her two daughters, four cats and lots of wildlife in the yard!

895 Onagh Ct • Atlanta, Georgia 30004
Contact: Adrienne Myles
Phone: (770) 265-1120