A Little Lair - Fairy, Elf & Gnome Doors

Open the door to a world of everyday magic.™

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A Little Lair - Fairy, Elf & Gnome Doors

Ready for an adventure? Our decorative little fairy doors are designed to welcome magic into your home. Each door comes with its own book, which introduces you to an elf named Mac. Mac will guide your family through his magical world. This charming tale with beautiful illustrations will ignite the imagination in children of all ages. Once a Lair door is placed in your home, you will play host to all sorts of magical friends. Visits from fairies can help keep away bad dreams. Gnomes will fend off bumps in the night. Even elves will stop in to play pranks and bring good cheer. You just never know who might stop in for a friendly visit…the tooth fairy, leprechauns, the possibilities are endless!

497 Hooksett Road #328 • Manchester, New Hampshire 03104
Contact: Erin McGinley
Phone: (603) 264-9692