SugarBooger - Ore Originals, Inc.

Happy Products for Good People.

Main Profile

SugarBooger - Ore Originals, Inc.

Graphic Designer-turned-entrepreneur Lisa Lowe established Oré in 1987 with a desire to create quality home products that are as fun as they are functional. Oré’s aesthetic combines uncluttered design with contemporary graphics and colors, and the results can be seen throughout the company’s complete line of “Happy Products for Good People™.”

Three brands are the heart of Oré Originals: the SugarBooger® brand for babies, children and parents, the Living Goods® Lifestyle Collection of dorm and home accessories, bath items and tote bags, and the Oré Pet™ line of essential pet products.

Product inspiration comes from real life, and each item is designed to fill the needs of the people and pets that depend on us for care. The company’s manufacturing principles focus on environmental friendly and recycled materials, quality construction, and providing a great value at a fair price.

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