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The idea for MaxOut UV Swimwear was an evolutionary process spanning several decades. I grew up participating on a swim team before sunscreen was really used. The first sign of summer was always the severe sunburns which eventually led to a base tan. I attended the University of Arizona not only for the academics but also to pursue what so many young people want - the ultimate tan! And that is exactly what I did! Many years and three children later, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I am fortunate that my cases have been basal cell and squamous cell, the least threatening kinds, and was treated successfully. Being diagnosed made me aware of the seriousness of sun exposure. What could be done to protect my children as well as all children from possibly facing skin cancer in their lives?

The idea to truly help protect skin from UVA and UVB exposure was born. MaxOut UV Swimwear hit the swimwear market in 2005! With two lifelong friends, who have years of fashion and retail experience between them, we spent countless hours of research and are motivated to educate people about the importance of UV protection.

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