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Mim-Pi’sclothing is always lively and full of color. It is a Dutch clothing maker for girls from two to eight years.
“Mim-pi summer collection 2010 invites you to the “The Secret Garden” to spread happiness.
The news is not always about crises and troubles. The new summer collection of the sweet hip girls brand MIM-PI brings with it a breath of fresh air.
“Smile and the world smiles with you”
The theme of the collection is “The Secret Garden. “
It is sweet and hip…… in dreamy soft candy colors reminding you of those lovely cakes and pastries which bring a smile to your face. The communion group is a romantic one with in woven dots with old fashioned cross stitch embroideries in roses, birds and hearts, like our Granny’s use to make with great tender loving care.. The summer coat is inspired by the movie “Grease” where the girl friends of Sandra Dee wore pink satin jackets with “The Pinky Girls” embroidered at the back and one had to be special to be wearing it ……. and now we have the MIM-PI gang. There is a special edition skirt made of saris in differrent colors, the cloth that Indian women wear (5 meter long). Because the skirts are made from different sari’s ….not one skirt is the same!!!!

A one of a kind ……. Just like your child.

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Phone: (407) 402-8361