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Mimic Baby Sign Language

Selena Lohan created Mimic Baby Sign Language in 2003 when she began teaching baby signing in community centres in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Selena has been signing ASL (American Sign Language) since 1995 when she met her husband-to-be Max Fomitchev who is a internationally known Deaf Mime “Max-i-mime”.

In 2002 the couple welcomed their first child together. Their son (who is hearing) was just 7 months old when he started signing back to them; it was inspirational.

Mimic Baby Sign Language offers Baby Sign Language DVDs that are entertaining and educational with a modern, hip look and styling for savvy parents and tots.

1035 Pacific Street • Suite 109 • Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 4G7
Phone: (604) 687-0425


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