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I believe that using Sign Language with preverbal children can be both fun and simple and all of our products are made with this purpose in mind. Signing with our son has been the most rewarding experience and my goal is to try and bring the same joy to other families in a fun and engaging way.

Even after participating in a workshop and taking a baby signing class I still found that I forgot signs as I wanted to use them and had the added responsibility of teaching family and friends the signs as well. Before putting Jackson to bed I always wanted to say ‘good night’ and ‘I love you’ but often forgot how to make the sign. I put a scribbled note above the crib reminding me and found it indispensable. After seeing how much it helped my husband and the interest other family and friends took I realized that I wasn’t the only one looking for quality resources to help in the process.

I know it’s overused but it’s so true that time goes by too quickly! Appreciate every second and I hope mocobabies helps your family enjoy the process of signing with your infants and toddlers!

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