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The (minimink)® label was launched in Australia in May 2003 with the unique rug/wrap/throw. Designed by Melbourne mum, Ally, for her baby, Emery, it was important that the faux fur was a beautiful quality and would not shed; all lining was 100% cotton; it be machine washable; and have a multitude of uses such as a pram wrap, play rug, blanket and throw. Although the (minimink)® rug has been packaged for a new baby it has become an item that is loved and used by all ages.

Following the success of this first product, the (minimink)® story continues to grow and new products are continually added. All (minimink)® products use the same high quality faux fur; are beautifully designed and are unisex. The (minimink)® organic essentials range was launched in Australian in 2007 and adopts the same principles of high quality fabric, design and beautiful for both girls and boys. The beautiful natural colours of the (minimink)® range complement all colours of clothing; prams and strollers and suit both boys and girls.

We are very excited with the response to the (minimink)® products and they are now available in stores throughout Australia and around the world. We have exclusive distributors in many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, throughout Europe, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand.

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