Morigeau Furniture

A long past of furnishing futures

Main Profile

Morigeau Furniture

Morigeau-Lépine is a family owned and operated business that has been crafting high-quality children’s furniture for more than fifty years.

Based in the countryside of Quebec, Canada, the company combines its long-standing tradition of craftsmanship with the latest and best technology. The result is classically styled furniture with features and innovations that will make life easier for you and more comfortable for your little ones -from the time they arrive, through their teens.

So if you are looking to furnish your child’s room with elegant, beautifully crafted furniture, consider Morigeau-Lépine. We have a rich history of furnishing futures.

25 de L'Etang • St-Francois de Montmagn, Québec G0R 2G0
Phone: (888) 466-8695
Local: (418) 722-5999