Maker of Snapz and Children's Fine Clothiers

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ParBella, Maker of Snapz and Children’s Fine Clothiers, offer clothing and undergarments for infant to size 12. Snapz is a line of undergarments that help to keep toddler and older kids pants and skirts in place. Our patent pending undergarment with built in suspender system can be used on any skirt or pants, with or without belt loops as the snaps fasten to the pants or skirts, making it extremely comfortable for children as there is no constriction around the waist. It keeps the pants and skirts from drooping and also from riding around the waist. Snapz are fashion with a purpose!
We also have a line of infant to girls clothing, sizes 3m to 14. We focus on great design, soft color palettes and prints that wear well but are beautiful. We like to use fine fabrics such as silks, and pima cottons.

AmericasMart • 250 Spring Street, 13N100C • Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Contact: Alison
Phone: (404) 483-8415