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Giving a child a present they can cuddle and enjoy is fulfilling to a loving aunt. So one Christmas, Vicky struggled to find a gift that her 6 year old nephew Jacob would absolutely love – something soft yet fun that a little boy would be happy to open Christmas morning.

A typical rambunctious boy, Jacob spent most of his time conducting mock battles with his plastic army men. Disappointed by the toy aisle, she went home to her sewing machine. What could she create that he would love?

The answer: A pillow that would hide his army men. And the Pilloroo was born. Unwrapped on Christmas morning, Jacob really like the army themed pillow. When he opened the zipper and a pack of army men were revealed, his eyes lit up. He loved it! Vicky was more than pleased – it was a great gift. Jacob took his pillow on family vacations, sleepovers, almost everywhere. He went on to hide many different things inside the deep internal pocket as the pillow became his indispensable sidekick.

Three years later over lunch, the question was asked, “If Jacob loves this pillow so much, wouldn’t other kids?” And with that question this adventure was begun. Jacob’s mom BillieJo and sister-in-law Vicky set out to see. Hand sewing over 100 Pilloroos’ at their kitchen tables, they set out for local craft fairs. The reception was great and a family business was born.

Founders, BillieJo and Vicky have enjoyed introducing this unique product to the market. It has been a tremendous undertaking. Follow their adventure as they track their experiences raising their families, growing their business and challenging themselves to achieve their goals.

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