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Pink Lining

Pink Lining is now a distinctive, international fashion label which aims to provide beautiful bags which also fulfill a functional use on a practical level. The range is constantly evolving, inspired and designed to fulfill British designer Charlotte’s own needs and unequivocal expectations. It includes wallets, weekend bags and now the signature “Yummy Mummy” nappy bags which were designed for the birth of her daughter Amelia-Rose. Charlotte understands perfectly what a mother of young children needs from a changing bag as she is now the mother of three under the age of 5!

Resplendent in exclusively designed fabrics and beautiful leather trim the designs are also often enhanced with intricate applique detail and whimsical embroidered slogans. The signature shocking pink lining used throughout the whole collection provides the wearer with their own personal piece of hidden luxury and the cleverly thought out pockets for mobiles, blackberries, pens and keys ensure the functionality of the product.

12 1/2 ST. Lukes Mews • London W11 1DF • United Kingdom
Phone: 0207-034-0035
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