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Playful Life

Playful Life is based in San Francisco. We create hands-on educational toys and activities for kids to explore with a parent.

You want your kids to appreciate good food and form healthy, life-long eating habits. Your kids want to play with their favorite grown-ups. Playful Chef encourages children, and the adults who love them, to roll up their sleeves and engage in fun cooking adventures together.

What can a 3-year-old do in a kitchen? A lot. We’ve designed Playful Chef Kits for 3-11 year-olds to help you tap into your kids’ eagerness to help and to learn from an early age. We’ll outfit you with the nutritional know-how, tools of the trade, and fun food facts you’ll need to get your little one cooking!

1355 Bay Street • No. 6 • San Francisco, California 94123
Phone: (408) 858-8859
Fax: (888) 696-4493