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Sage Diaper is passionate about providing babies with a truly organic, green, healthy nursery. The company has gone to extraordinary lengths to research every product from eco cribs to organic crib mattresses, from organic bedding to organic baby clothes and cloth diapers. The company hopes its work will make new parents’ lives a little easier and babies a lot healthier.

A Message from President and Founder Rachel Flug

In 1983, when my husband and I founded Diaperaps, everyone told us we were crazy and that cloth diapers were a thing of the past. But we were convinced that natural diapers were better for babies and the planet. We wanted to make it easier for parents to choose cloth and so we invented a diaper cover that would revolutionize cloth diapering by eliminating pins and pull-on rubber pants. We were (thankfully) proved right.

Just to give you a quick overview of our past contributions in this field:

I was the first to use PUL in a reusable diapering product, paving the way for a whole new generation of cloth diapering products. We were also the first to add leg gussets and to have an umbilical cut-out.

  • Our diaper covers were the first to be sold in national stores, going into JC Penney’s in 1988, and later into Fred Meyers and Kroger as well as being sold throughout Europe.

  • My husband was founder and chair of the Committee on Health and the Environment of the National Association of Diaper Services. He edited the Lehrberger Report, which documented the impact of Disposable Diapers on the waste stream and brought the issue into environmental consciousness.

The very first letter we sent to parents back in 1985 summed up the reason we founded our company:
“The beauty of the diapering choice before you is that you can make a difference. You can make a difference in how much you consume and what example you set for your children. You can teach them, from their first day, the value of caring for the earth and dealing with waste in a responsible way.”

Since then we have seen many ups and downs in the cloth diaper movement. Today, there is more interest than ever in natural alternatives in diapering. I have spent the past two years focusing my attention on product development to see if, out of my long experience, I could offer parents products that would combine Simplicity, Versatility and Reliability in one diapering line (and be made in the USA).

I believe I have succeeded, and so I have renamed our company - Saqe Diaper

Rachael Flug
President and Founder

4336 Sebastopol Road • Santa Rosa, California 95407
Contact: Abraham Entin
Phone: (707) 543-0955