Silkberry Baby

Cute, Modern and Natural Baby Clothing and Bedding

Main Profile

Silkberry Baby

Silkberry Baby™ is a unique eco baby bedding and clothing line designed by Vancouver mom in Canada.
With the modern, eco-conscious parent in mind, Silkberry Baby bedding products begin with the highest quality, long strand mulberry silk floss filling, generously stuffed within a 100% bamboo fabric or satin cotton cover. Natural, breathable, chemical free and hypo-allergenic silk fiber is the best choice for baby’s sensitive skin.

Silkberry Baby’s Wild by Nature Collection
This NEW line of organic bamboo clothing. Simple and freshly designed, this line of bamboo clothing are made with adorable animal applique. Bamboo is great for all seasons and weather. These super soft clothing line will keep your little ones cool in the summer and warm in the winter - “think” nature’s heating and cooling system. As an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric, bamboo also contains a natural UV protection function.

Our Mission
• To design and provide cute, modern and natural baby bedding and clothing product.
• To help babies maintain a good sleeping routine and have a safe and better sleep so that moms can enjoy peace of mind.
• To be socially and ecologically responsible in all aspects of the business.

Why use silk and bamboo
Some of the many features and benefits of Silkberry Baby products include:
• Safe, healthy and hypo-allergenic materials
• Superior softness, and an incredibly lightweight and durable design
• Breathability and excellent body temperature regulation
• Anti-bacterial properties, as well as mould and mildew resistance
• Multi-functional, natural and chemical-free alternatives to standard bedding
• Eco-friendly and sustainable practices used in their development
• A hassle-free maintenance regime

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Contact: Carrie Shan
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