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Silly Souls, LLC

The fun funny fabulous concept known as Silly Souls was hatched in 2000 and launched in 2002, originally branded as babygags. The line was the original irreverent funny line of apparel and accessories for the coolest babies. The company evolved to a more whimsical silly style and rebranded as Silly Souls when they launched the super baby shoe line. Across the product range the brands goal remains to inspire laughter and the sunny funny side of parenthood, and the silly personalities that each baby comes with; as Charlie Chaplin said a day without laughter is a day wasted.

The Silly Souls product line continues to grow and now includes products for kids 0-6 years old including; bodysuits, t-shirts, hats, bibs, bottles, dish sets, birth announcements, the silliest socks, the coolest baby shoes, and the best big brother and sister ‘sibling rivalry’ gifts.

1517 North Point • Suite 472 • San Francisco, California 94123
Contact: Shelley Foster
Phone: (415) 615-0397
Fax: (415) 615-0073