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Silver Spoon Scraps

At Silver Spoon Scraps it is my joy to create and bring to you vintage inspired goods for your baby and home. I have been crafting since I was a small child and have always been fascinated with old things. My mother was a thrifty gal and taking me along to the flea markets and thrift stores got me hooked on all things vintage.

When it came time to decorate my own home I carried on those thrifty ways, usually turning to old rather than new. When I started dreaming up my childrens rooms who knew what fun was in store? It is rather addictive sifting through vintage baby cards, mementos, and who could resist those itty bitty vintage clothes? I wanted to share with everyone my finds and my creations.

14 Pine Court • Fisherville, Kentucky 40023
Contact: Sita Riddle
Phone: (877) 612-5872
Local: (502) 498-4993