Sun and sleep shades for babies on-the-go

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2013 sees the launch of a new family of SnoozeShades designed specially for the US market.

We’ve spent the last 18 months traveling the US to get feedback from moms, experts and retailers and the result is the new Deluxe range of shades.

SnoozeShade Original, the world’s first breathable sun and sleep shade for strollers, was invented in 2008 by a British mother Cara Sayer who became tired with hanging blankets over her stroller to help her daughter nap on-the-go. It’s a surprisingly simple solution to the common problem of how to help babies and toddlers get the sleep they need when out and about during naptime.

Suitable for use from birth, SnoozeShade‘s soft breathable fabric provides the maximum level of sun protection (UPF 50+) and keeps insects, wind and chill at bay.

SnoozeShades create a cozy sleep environment that allows babies to switch off from the busy world around them to make traveling with a baby as easy as pie.

The entire range has been designed to be compact and simple to use. They’re an essential travel accessory; great for vacations, in restaurants or any time you are away from home during baby’s naptime.

The innovative SnoozeShade range includes:

  • SnoozeShade Original (MAP $34.99) the first universal fit breathable sleep and sun shade for strollers to help keep baby’s sleep schedule on track and protect delicate skin and eyes from the sun’s harsh rays
  • SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats (MAP $29.99) designed to fit snugly on Group 0/0+ infant carriers with rigid handles
  • SnoozeShade Plus (MAP $49.99) the world’s first dual-purpose everyday sunshade and sleep aid for strollers - in sleep mode it blocks over 98.5% of UV - when baby is awake it protects from 80% of UV rays
  • SnoozeShade Twin (MAP $69.99) created due to popular demand from parents with double width strollers

Key benefits of Original, Plus and Twin:

  • Universal fit for prams and strollers and Group 0/0+ carriers
  • Maximum rated sun protection of UPF50+
  • Adapts to provide extra shade for face and eyes
  • Soft, breathable fabric blocks 94% of light
  • Unique ‘sneak-a-peek’ zip to check on baby without disturbing
  • Simple to attach with versatile Velcro straps
  • Use from birth
  • Protects from insects, cats, wind and chill
  • Endorsed by leading baby sleep experts in the US, UK and Australia

New for 2012:

  • SnoozeShade for Playards is the ideal solution for families sharing a room with a small baby or for when staying in bright places when baby needs to sleep.

The SnoozeShade range has won many awards in the US - Handiest Stroller Accessory in the Cribsies; a NAPPA gold; the Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval and recently won a Mom’s Best Hot Product award.

The newest additions to the family will be revealed at ABC Expo in October 2012 - one has already been shortlisted in the JPMA’s Innovation Awards.

In the UK, SnoozeShade scooped Gold for ‘Best Innovation’ in the UK’s prestigious Mother & Baby Awards and Gold in Practical Parenting’s ‘Best Stroller Accessory’ and ‘Best Travel Accessory’ award categories. SnoozeShade Original and Plus are approved by the INPAA (Infant and Nursery Product Association of Australia) and endorsed by a number of international baby sleep experts.

The UK’s leading baby sleep expert and author, Jo Tantum, describes the SnoozeShade as ‘great for maintaining baby’s sleep routine when you’re out and about’ and it has a number of celebrity fans too.

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