Snugaboos by Crushtown

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Snugaboos by Crushtown

Snugaboos are finally here and we’re so happy to meet you. Children everywhere, gather around, let’s show the grown-ups how to Be Good! Just throw on one of six snuggly character blankets and let your imagination run wild. But you know the best part? Every time a Snugaboo does something kind, thoughtful or helpful they grow a freckle—now you can too! Each freckle you grow makes the world a better, happier place. So come have a look around, learn how you can Be Good, have lots of fun and do something positive for the world around you.

3210 West 45th Street • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
Contact: Sheila Oberaigner
Phone: (612) 226-3842
Fax: (612) 435-4826