Song Lin Industrial Inc.

Main Profile

Song Lin Industrial Inc.

Song Lin Industrial is an independently owned furniture company offering custom-designed lines of high quality furniture for children.

Our company objective is to create a friendly environment and to set the standards for customers with fashionably-designed products at reasonable fair prices. Ultimately, we would like to ensure each and every one of our customers a favorable experience for buying and using our products.

Customer service and support are other essential aspects in accomplishing our goals. Our working personnel are ready to help you with any need or question you might have about our products. We are interested in knowing your comments and needs. Please let us know how we can help you, or what you think we can do to further improve our products and/or customer services in the future.

1275 North Air Depot Blvd. • Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110
Contact: Feiting Chang
Phone: (405) 670-0089
Fax: (405) 670-0087