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Labels and personalized gifts have never been so gorgeous than with the huge range from Stuck on You®. From kid’s labels to clothing labels and personalized gifts to birthday gift ideas, you can rely on the quality synonymous with Stuck on You®.

Labels are how Stuck on You ® got started over 17 years ago and are still one of our most popular products. The range of name labels has now grown to include many designs, colours, fonts and optional icons that stick and stay stuck in the dishwasher and microwave. These are perfect for drink bottles, plastic lunchboxes and food containers but are also fine for school books, stationery, glasses, coffee mugs, mobile phones, ipods, ipads, laptops, headphones, MP3 players and cutlery.

Stuck On You began in 1995 - We are the original kids’ label company! Stuck on You was invented out of a need to label my first child’s belongings for crèche. At the time I wanted a business that could keep me at home with my baby, I also had another one on the way and was seeking an opportunity to give me flexibility at the same time.

I am a great believer in quality, service and the environment. We confidently shout from the roof tops that we believe we offer the best product in the market place, we have based our whole company on offering other mums like myself and everyone that works with us a great inexpensive way of keeping track of your kids’ things!

Our labels are tough, they have been tested by kids all over the world. Our success has come from word of mouth. Apart from great quality, our products are great fun; they are loved by mums, dads, kids and schools alike.

I am proud that Stuck On You is 100% family owned and all of our labels are created and personalised in house. We have an amazing team of creative people working in offices all over the world.

Since our humble beginnings we have added many, many more products to our range and first and foremost in our mind is service, quality and design. Like all mums I want to buy products that I can rely on and our business has been built up over the years because we act on what we say.

I have a passion and love for all things organized.
I hope you love our products as much as we do.

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