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Truffles Ruffles is all about making clothing that expresses the inner fabulousness inherent in every baby girl! Each outfit, whether it’s a tunic and pants outfit, a dress, a one piece, leggings, bloomers or rompers, is made from 100% cotton. We embellish all of the clothing with lace, appliques, small printed designs, and ribbons so that your baby is fabulous as well as comfortable. Truffles Ruffles also designs accessories such as hats, headbands, socks and shoes that add that special touch to each Truffles Ruffles outfit. Wrapped in comfy cottony-goodness and decked out with lace, ribbons, and artsy designs, your baby girl will be a cooing ball of adorable joy in Truffles Ruffles attire.

2 Mandrake Way • Irvine, California 92612
Contact: Therese Jordan
Phone: (949) 535-1160
Fax: (949) 535-1235