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Tu Tu Cute Children Collection designed by Linda Stokes is made with the best quality fabrication, crafted with superior knowledge of children fitting and designed with innovative functional designs geared towards a child’s figure.

There are many unique features to the Tu Tu Cute collection; primarily the tutu skirt is made using more fabric than the average tutu. This is done to create a fuller look, thereby achieving the magical princess look little girls dream of becoming.

Take notice of the Kite Coreset Tee, crafted with intricate ribbon detailing. The delicate formation brings to life the lacing little girls love and adore on their porcelain dolls to a tangible reality.

The Tu Tu Cute corset tank is designed for a girl’s need of frequent mobility, “spinning” and play! The mesh fabric which stretches on grain, cross grain and in the bias direction, enables her to move freely and feel like a ballerina at home, school or a special event.

All the Tu Tu Cute jackets are designed with the inevitable challenge of children’s growth spurts. Hidden in the jacket sleeve zipper is an extension of fabric. By simpling unzipping the zipper, the sleeves grow by two inches!

All of these fabulous features contribute to the one-of-a-kind feeling every girl will feel in a Tu Tu Cute garment. Tu Tu Cute apparel is deisgned as a collectible item to enjoy for years to come as a classic piece for generations to enjoy!

Tu Tu Cute Tween Collections and Swarovski™ Crafted Treasures

Tu Tu Cute also offers Tween and Junior Collections.
Also see the Tu Tu Cute collection of special gifts, including Swarovski™ crystal crafted classic piggy banks, purses and more!! Collector’s items to treasure always!!

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