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Vintage Couture, Inc.

Vintage that is. I have a passion for mixing the unexpected of days gone by with pieces of today. Vintage fabrics are my obsession. I love the feel of an old feedsack and the mix of colors that are so different than today. I love the texture of good chenille. I love the romance of a thrift store floral bed linen. I love the sweetness of a 1930s ditsy floral print. I love finding the perfect vintage fabric and changing it to give it new life - mixing it with the unexpected while holding onto a piece of its originality.

Vintage fabrics are so full of history, it makes them sort of mysterious. They bring back great childhood memories of going through dress-up clothes at my aunt’s house or different items from the kitchen I remember as a little girl. Vintage fabrics stir recollections of my mom sewing dresses into the wee hours of the night. That mystique, that romance, that nostalgia has fueled a lifelong obsession with vintage furniture, clothing and fabric. This passion has translated into the fabrics of the collections I design. Almost every fabric found in our line is a custom fabric created exclusively by Vintage Couture. You won’t find our fabrics any where else.

These fabrics are what make Vintage Couture so unique.

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