Waiting For You, LLC

keepsake sentiments for unborn babies… and their families.

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Waiting For You, LLC

Waiting For You Greeting Cards was designed to go one step beyond the traditional cards that celebrate baby’s arrival, with expressions of happiness and anticipation from the perspective of the unborn baby. The concept quickly expanded into additional card lines offering special occasion, New Babies, Preemies, Adoption, Parents-to-be, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Beach Babies, and original designs featuring our own grandchildren. As you browse through our cards, we’re sure you’ll find something unique and memorable to share in the celebration…a keepsake to remember forever. As our line grows, your customers will have access to unique cards that celebrate the joy and wonder of this blessed event.

Waiting For You’s love and commitment to children and family is most important and reflected in their cards. Ten percent of all profits are donated to Newborns In Need.

3005 Valley View Drive • Bath, Pennsylvania 18014
Contact: Candace Dew
Phone: (610) 837-7628
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